Hotel zum Stern Monschau
Familiär geführtes Hotel mit eigenem Restaurant in der Monschauer Altstadt


Idyllic half-timbered houses, narrow streets of cobblestone. With its medieval cityscape Monschau is one of the most popular holiday and excursion destinations in the Eifel. Our hotel is located directly on the River Rur. A small bridge leads across to the marketplace. From us you start to the center of the Hohes Venn, the Eifelsteig and other attractions near Monschau.

  • Our hotel and our bridge    
    The bridge connecting our hotel to the market square is well-known in Monschau's travel guides, television reports about Monschau and the Hollywood action thriller "Collide" with Felicity Jones, Nicholas Hoult, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley.
  • Admire Monschau timbered houses
    Stroll through the winding streets with the unique half-timbered houses of Monschau to explore the castle or the Red House (Rotes Haus).
  • Discover Old swamps in the natural park Hohes-Venn-Eifel (hautes vagnes)
    The nature park on the German-Belgian border, partly over 10,000 year old moor, heaped swamps and rich flora and fauna. Hike the 313 km long beautiful Eifelsteig to towering trees passing by unspoilt and varied landscape. A walk on the Eifelsteig takes in the largest intact raised bog in Europe - the High Moor, by the single National Park North Rhine-Westphalia, in the Vulkaneifel up to the red sandstone rocks above Trier.
  • Red House (Rotes Haus)
    The Red House was built in 1752 by a draper and merchant Johann Heinrich Scheibler as residential and commercial building. With its complete establishment in the styles Rococo, Louis XVI and Empire, it still reflects the splendor of upper-class home decor in a rare unity resist.
  • Historic Mustard Mill
    In a 100-year-old mustard mill the famous mustard of Monschau is produced in the 5th and 6th generation today. The traditional mustard mill is originally driven by a water wheel, still working with an old transmission and can be visited in their production. Afterwards you have the possibility to buy different kinds of mustard.
  • Caffee roasting Wilhelm Maassen
    Already in 1862 was refined to finest roasts Wilhelm Maassen, the great-great grandfather of the brothers Maassen who operate the roaster today, selected raw coffee.
  • Monschauer Glashütte
    Visit the glassworks in Monschau and experience the ancient craft of glassblowing. This art has its origins in the Roman Empire, whose craft techniques have been preserved until today.
  • Sand Sculptures - the pearl of Europe
    Step into the wonderful world of sand sculptures and discover the golden pearls of Europe. The trip to Europe is a high profile event where every visitor - whether young or old- stunning, formed of sand, can admire monuments.
  • Monschauer rail
    Why do you want to explore Monschau attractions by foot, when you can be driven comfortably by tram and knowledgeable about the history of the town.
  • Felsenkeller Brewery Museum
    During a tour of the brewhouse, fermentation and storage cellars you can find out how the popular Monschauer "Felsquell" was prepared according to ancient tradition a few years ago.
  • Eifeler Photographika & Film Museum
    The skilled photographer and gastronome Wolfgang Geisel presents in his lovingly compiled exhibition the history of photography from the Laterna Magica through to today's digital cameras.
  • Printing Museum Weiss
    Cross through history to the most modern printing machines and the Internet leads the Printing Museum Weiss in Monschau-Imgenbroich visitors.
  • Vennbahn cycle path
    The route runs along the former track bed of the Vennbahn between Aachen via Sankt Vith to Troisvierges. The route of the Vennbahn cycle route leads through Kornelimünster, Roetgen, Lammersdorf, Monschau, Kalterherberg and St.Vith to Troisvierges.
  • Rurtalsperre
    The Rurtalsperre is a 77.4 m high dam, existing since 1938, the Rur to the 7.83 km² Rursee. The Rursee, built up by the Rurtalsperre Schwammenauel, has a volume of 203.2 million cubic meters of storage space.
  • Rursee
    Visit the nature adventure pool Einruhr or the nature trail in Rurberg and enjoy a dip in the cool water.
  • Prey station Hellenthal
    The bird show Hellenthal is one of the oldest and largest facilities of its kind in Central Europe. From small Sperlingskauz to giant Andean condor, with three meters wingspan, here many different birds of prey have a home.
  • Open-air museum Kommern
    In the LVR Freilichtmuseum and the National Museum for Folklore, visitors can enjoy an exciting journey through the past life in the countryside. Farms, windmills, workshops, village community buildings; Some 65 buildings from the regions of the Rhineland show impressively the living and working of the rural population since the end of the 15th century. The museum can be reached in 45 minutes by car.
  • Aachen
    Aachen is a nationally recognized resort town and was once the home of Charlemagne. With its many attractions Aachen is always worth a visit.
    Furthermore borders the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in Aachen at one point together.